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If there’s one thing the Scottish climate is perfect for its growing oats. Our cool conditions and early Summer rainfall are just the thing for plumping out the kernels and slowly ripening the grains. Generations of farmers across the Scottish Borders have been proudly growing oats for centuries and it is here that we source the majority of our finest quality oats. Only oats that are golden in colour, sweet smelling and have been grown as naturally as possible are selected.

Flavour takes shape even before the bake

Milling is highly complex and requires a craftsman’s touch. It’s in this careful handling that the distinctive oat and nutty flavours which make our products so unique are brought out. No wonder then that for over 40 years, we’ve trusted this task to John Hogarth Ltd of Kelso.

The art of texture

The humble oat can be milled in five different textures. This gives us lots of crunch and crumble to play with in the textures of our recipes, and the perfect canvas for you to experiment with toppings.   


The secret to a good oatcake

It’s been said that the Eskimos have 50 words for snow. Well, in Scotland, we have a word for when something is too sticky, we say it’s too ‘claggy’. It’s the best word we know to describe a poorly made oatcake. Who knows? Maybe that’s how it first came to be used! The secret to a light and delicate tasting oatcake is the dough. Speed and timings are critical if the oats are to break down into just the right consistency. Nairn’s oatcakes are made in Edinburgh, where they’ve been made for over 80 years. The way we mix our dough remains a closely guarded secret unchanged for decades.

Every oatcake has a halo

If many a Nairn’s oatcake has already passed your lips you may have noticed the lovely golden colour around the outside. We call this the halo. It’s a sign every bite has been baked and checked for perfection. A little reminder perhaps that eating oats is good for you.  

Gluten free care from field to plate

The oats in our gluten free range come from specialist British farms. These farms grow oats completely separately, and go to extraordinary lengths to avoid wheat or barley slipping into the mix, either in the field, or from equipment. From seed to plate we do everything we can to make our gluten free range as safe as can be for anyone following a gluten free diet. Our gluten free range is expanding all the time, so there really is plenty to choose from!

Discover the range

It’s good to know that all Nairn’s oatcakes, biscuits, flatbreads and crackers are made with simple, natural and wholesome ingredients just brought together in creative ways for you to enjoy. Why not browse the range to find out more about your favourite products, or discover some new ones.....

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