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Healthy Living James

Inspiration and motivation. Two things that James Wythe has in spades. He’s a bona-fide genius when it comes to whipping up an easy-to-make dish that’s tasty and healthy in equal measure (ones that don’t include gluten, wheat, dairy, egg or refined sugar to be precise). He’ll help transform the way you think about food, and maybe even the way food affects how you think!

 For James, his drive to do all this comes from a very personal place. Suddenly falling seriously ill after completing his sports science BSc Degree at Bournemouth University, he was eventually diagnosed with M.E. (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Bed bound for two years and then house bound for the next  four years, changing his approach to diet and nutrition was one of the main factors to help him along the recovery journey, of which he is not yet fully recovered.

So, if there’s anyone who knows about Good Food Moods, it’s Healthy Living James.


Hungry Healthy Happy

Dannii and Dave run Hungry Healthy Happy, one of the UK’s most popular food and lifestyle blogs. Starting out in 2011, it was originally intended as a place where they could share healthy recipes that weren’t boring or restrictive with a community of like minded people. The blog grew beyond expectation and soon came to be much more about just food. 

This pair are passionate about the fact that you don’t necessarily have to give up those foods you love to enjoy all the virtues of that Good Food Mood. They know that being healthy is about balance and  goes far beyond simply limiting what you eat. For Dannii and Dave it’s about happiness more than anything.

Talking of happiness, we’re delighted to have them on board with the whole Good Food Mood thing, and we think you’ll like what they’ve got to say too.


Lily Soutter

Working as a corporate nutritionist, Lily has first hand experience of just how transformational the process of eating well can be for people. After all, with a bit of determination and the help of a nutritionist, Lily was able to keep her lifelong psoriasis under the thumb. 

With an AfN accredited degree in Food and Human Nutrition as well as a 2 year post grad nutritional therapy diploma under her belt, Lily’s one accomplished lady.
She’s all about the balance between work, life and how a healthy approach to nutrition can bring about benefits in areas such as mental focus, memory, energy, mood, weight management, sleep and even in the prevention of long-term chronic problems. She’s not only great with the facts and insights, she knows how to actually implement positive change too.


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