All in a day’s work: Golf, the day job and healthy habits.

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For Lynda, when her day starts, there’s no time for messing about – it’s straight to business. With a busy day working at her job as a receptionist ahead she needs to begin with a good source of sustenance. “I start the day as I mean to go on – often with porridge. The office is quite busy and I need to be organised as my role involves juggling a lot of tasks and helping people organise things whilst managing the switchboard and reception too.”


So how does she fit a balanced diet in and around all those daily demands? Lynda likes to keep it fresh and healthy. “I stick to a few simple principles. I snack healthily (fruit, nuts, crudites, oatcakes, salads) and I prepare food in advance most of the time. I also buy fresh vegetables on my way home as these are easy to prepare and cook quickly to have with whatever I’ve made.”


It’s not all about work though, she seems to find time to exercise every day too. “Ideally I’ll try to fit in a round of golf or a walk before work – I really enjoy being out in the fresh air. Once I finish work, I might go for a swim before I head home for dinner, or catch up with some friends.”


Healthy eating habits don’t just help Lynda be her best self in the office, they come into effect when she’s out on the green too. “It’s important to eat well before a game of golf as you’re out for several hours at a time.” She says. “I tend to play in the morning when I’ve had a decent breakfast so I feel pretty energised and upbeat for the time I’m on the course. During the game, I’ll generally need a snack – I take nuts and raisins, a banana or some Nairn’s Fruit and Seed Oatcakes to keep my energy levels topped up.” There’s a certain snack that when avoided, helps keep her handicap in check; “Tempting though it is, I don’t take chocolate bars, as the sugar spike isn’t helpful.”


Golf doesn’t just contribute to Lynda’s health in the physical sense, it’s about overall wellbeing. “I love golf and I’ve always made time for it, even when my kids were younger. It is not just the walk and the exercise that I enjoy, it is also the social aspect of being with other people which is always good fun. It doesn’t hurt to be a bit competitive too!”


Clearly healthy living forms a big part of Lynda’s life, but what is the main positive that it offers? “The biggest benefits of healthy eating for me are to keep my weight steady at a level that suits me, and to feel good physically and mentally.” She tells us. “All round health care is so important, even more so when you get a bit older.”


“I have a great social life and because I eat well and exercise, I don’t feel bad about having a few glasses of wine, one or two treats, or eating out. Ultimately, being happy and healthy is all about balance.” Wise words if ever we heard them Lynda!


Nutritionist Fiona Lawson says: It can be hard to find true balance in life, but it seems Lynda has it down to a tee! I’m especially impressed by her attitude to food. She’s knows that healthy eating doesn’t have to be restrictive—in fact, she’s realised that it gives you more energy and freedom to enjoy life. From fruit to crudites to salads, it’s great to see that she chooses lots of whole, fresh foods. Porridge is a filling choice for breakfast, while Nairn’s Fruit and Seed Oatcakes will certainly give her the energy to keep at the top of her golfing game. As Lynda rightly says, though, food doesn’t just affect our physical health—it affects our mental health too. Through choosing natural, nourishing food (and the odd treat!), she’s helping to sustain her go-getting outlook.

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