A natural energy boost for those 100mph days.

Busy Mum Suzie

Suzy’s a busy mum to two young boys and also work part time. Her husband runs his own business and works long hours. “l’m always rushing about trying to keep all the plates spinning,” says Suzy. “I use exercise as my lifeline to keep me focussed and energised and if I don’t go to the gym or a class regularly, I really notice the impact on how it makes me feel.”

For Suzy her days are pretty manic. She gets herself up and ready first (by which time her husband is usually heading out of the door – and the boys are getting out of their beds).  There then follows a rush to get breakfast sorted, packed lunches to make (“unless I’ve had time the night before to prep”), find missing items of clothing, and try to get the kids off to school and nursery without any arguments - and getting herself to work on time! 

“On the days I don’t work, I’ll do a couple of classes at the gym during the day. And on work days, I might do an early gym session or bootcamp,” Suzy tells us. “When I’m working, I’ll leave the office, get the kids, and head home to get dinner sorted and then it’s the usual homework, bath and bedtime routine (more chaos!) before I collapse in front of the TV for a bit and head to bed myself around 10.30pm.”

With all that energy going out during the day, Suzy knows it’s important to put good food in. “You have to think about what you eat before a workout – not eating can be detrimental to your performance and recovery.  If I don’t eat regularly during the day, I will feel more sluggish, and it can impact my mood too (hangry/grumpy/short with the kids!).

“I love a pack of Nairn’s Fruit and Seed Oatcakes as a pre-gym snack. I also keep them in the car in case I need a quick pick me up when I’m rushing around.  The kids love Nairn’s Astro Bites and I don’t mind them eating them as they get a chocolatey fix but the sugar content is lower than many snacks.  They quite like cheese oatcakes too.”

Suzy’s pretty clear about what good food mood means to her, “It means fuelling your body and mind so you can stay upbeat and positive - and survive a busy day!”


Nutritionist Fiona Lawson says: Maintaining a regular exercise routine is a challenge at the best of times, let alone while also managing a busy family and a part-time job! Suzy is obviously dedicated to supporting her health, which is admirable. Her choice of Nairn’s Fruit and Seed Oatcakes will certainly help to fuel her gym sessions—and if she trains particularly hard, I’d also recommend having some afterwards to replenish her glycogen stores. Health is all about balance, and relaxation is just as important as sufficient exercise. To help her wind down, Suzy should incorporate some magnesium-rich foods into her diet, such as nuts, legumes and leafy vegetables. Happily, the seeds in her oatcakes provide some magnesium too.

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