Gut Health and Free From Diets

Becky Excell

Becky’s been writing and vlogging about all things gut related since 2013 and really, really knows her stuff. Not just in theory either. Becky lives what she preaches, following low FODMAP and gluten free diets and understands that for people like her, the struggle is real. Just ask the thousands of fans who subscribe to her YouTube channel.

So, as you might expect, Becky’s expertise has made her the go-to gut specialist for national media. When she’s not sharing her knowledge via her Gluten Free Cuppa Tea blog, she’s giving a voice to those affected by certain gut issues. Becky’s experience and advice has been featured in national newspapers like the Metro and Independent, national radio and even a few major ad campaigns too.

Becky has worked with us on a few short films that are simple and straight to the point, based very much on her own personal experiences of following a free from diet.


‘It’s probably no surprise coming from me, but gut health is definitely something that needs to be discussed more openly and honestly! Improving mine was life changing, so teaming up with Nairn’s and their brilliant range of gluten free products was a no-brainer, really! I’m all about helping others to get back those good gut feelings.’

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Partnering with us to promote Good Gut Feelings, keep an eye out for Becky’s exclusive videos where she’ll be bringing you plenty of food for thought on different aspects of gut health. Tune in to get Becky’s take on pre and probiotics, the link between stress and gut health, the importance of fibre, gut health hacks and much more.

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